Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I do tend to ramble.

I wrote yet another I-can't-believe-you-can-believe-it's-not-global-warming rant in response to Paglia's latest article. It's the longest letter I saw in the comments section, and it probably got starred for that reason alone. But hey, a star is a star.

Mainly it was in response to her overall attitude that, hey, it's a big universe, and we're all tiny-puny. It's the attitude I was trying to dispute in my WWJD post. So if you like one of the rants, you might like the other.

On an equally self-involved note, I started a personal blog called Banned Sorcery. That's where I'll be stashing the non-environmental stuff.

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Zak said...

Great letter to Camille Paglia. You made several excellent points, but the way you used her own arguments against her position was very savvy. She seems to have the gifts of the wordsmith and the provocateur, but without much of a conscience, she's just another shameless self-promoter. Keep up the good work.